Beyonce Tour Tickets and Concert Dates
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Beyonce Tour Tickets and Concert Dates

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On the heels of that success Beyonce heads out on tour again in December in some of the same the venues where she will have played a few months before. Two of the strongest examples jump out to the common observer as Beyonce in Washington DC and Brooklyn. In Brooklyn Beyonce played three times this summer, making the December concert a 4th show. In DC Beyonce played twice in the summer before her return in December. Other cities with a double stop include Beyonce Houston, Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, San Jose and Boston. Beyonce tickets for her new December 2013 tour dates sold well very even in cities where she will play during the summer. Based on Beyonce ticket sales for these new tour dates, no one could argue with the fact that Beyonce stands firmly on the podium of one of the hottest concert acts in the country.

Beyonce Concert Tickets.

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Beyonce Tickets Show Strong Sales For Latest December Tour Dates In Brooklyn, DC, Houston, St. Louis, Louisville, Chicago, Dallas And Los Angeles

Beyonce concert dates went on sale for a second set of tour dates in December, many in the same venues where Beyonce will appeared this summer including five total shows in Brooklyn and three in Washington DC. Financial Firebird Corporation's offers tickets for all of her concerts at prices cheaper than other resale sites.

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